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To serve wines

Enjoy your wine by serving it at the right temperature !

It is essential to consider service of your wine to fully appreciate the years of work involved in its production and ageing.

The key factor in serving a wine is the temperature. Each wine must be served at a specific temperature in order to reveal all its flavours and aromas. Wine is a union of volatile elements, such as ethers which provide its scent. These elements evaporate at very specific temperatures that must be respected.

A wine that is served too cold will develop very little or no flavour while a wine that is served too warm will be too alcoholic and its principal scent will evaporate.


Therefore, we offer a range of products that are tailored specifically to meet these needs, with several temperature zones adapted for each type of wine.

Our solution for ensuring the perfect serving temperature is multi-temperature wine cabinets. Originally used by catering professionals, this type of wine cabinet provides a variety of temperature zones ranging from 6 ° C to 18 ° C, from the bottom to the top of the cabinet. This type of cabinet allows you to keep any wine at its ideal temperature for tasting. The multi-temperature wine cabinets are perfect for wine enthusiasts, whether they already have a natural wine cellar or not.

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