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    The technology of our wine cabinets

    Nowadays, there are several technologies on the market to regulate temperature:

    Static cooling


    Mixed cooling

    This technology is only intended to cool. The temperature is not homogeneous between the top and bottom of the cabinet, which means that it is not suitable for ageing but it is for the service of wine. This technology is intended to create only cold. To avoid temperature differences between the top and bottom, the air runs in cycles. The drawback is that the mixing of the air dries corks and hampers the ageing  process. Further, this system requires a fan to circulate the air, which in turn creates vibrations that alter the wine in the long term. This system is suitable for storing wine for a short period of time.

    Air conditioning (hot / cold)


    Air conditioning (cold / hot)

    Heat at the bottom and cold at the top creates an uniformity between the top and bottom of the cabinet. This technology requires no fan and therefore does not create vibrations. It provides good humidity and good air circulation. Ideal for maturing wines in both the long and short term. Cold at the bottom and hot at the top: This creates a layering of temperatures of 6/7 ° C at the bottom to 17/18 ° C at the top. This type of technology is ideal for wine service cabinets.

    The majority of brands use air conditioning technology (hot / cold or cold / hot).

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