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Do not alter the ageing of the wine !

Humidity is water in a gaseous state. It is essential in order to preserve the elasticity of the cork. Indeed, it is the elasticity of the cork, combined with water in it that makes it possible to seal the bottle hermetically. Any contact, however small, with outside air would deteriorate the wine forever.


To avoid altering the ageing process of your wines, we recommend storing your bottles in an atmosphere with a humidity level of between 50 and 80%. A humidity level above 80% causes the labels to peel off and mould will develop if the airflow is not adequate.To avoid development of mould, we also recommend that you wash your bottles before storing them in your wine cabinet.


Humidity occurs to a lesser extent in storage and service wine cabinets since only poor humidity levels over a long period will be detrimental to your wine.


Humidity is provided using the thermodynamic pump principle technology to ensure you have the appropriate levels of moisture to age your wines.

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