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The absence of vibration

In the ageing and storing process, it is very important to keep your wine safe from vibrations that are often responsible for the suspension of deposits. Excessive vibrations disturb the slow ageing process by breaking the delicate molecules of certain chemical compounds.

The vibrations also cause oxidation of the wine by combining the oxygen contained in the bubble of air in the bottle and the oxygen present in the wine.


Vibrations in a wine cabinet have two origins: the compressor or the fan which is installed on some models.


In a wine cabinet, the compressor is needed to produce cold air. It is therefore imperative to develop a series of solutions to suppress the vibrations it produces. Conversely, in models equipped with fans, there is no solution for suppressing the vibrations that are attributable to the noise the fan generates. The noise is actually a sonic shock wave.


Vibrations are minimised so as not to hamper the proper ageing of your wines. This is achieved through the quality of materials used, the selection of compressors and their mounting on a base which is independent of the main body of the cabinet.

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