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Cigar Preservation

4 factors must be taken into account : 


The optimal humidity for cigar storage is around 70%. This moisture level allows regular cigar burning at the time of consumption.

In a very dry environment, there is a risk that the cigar will become fragile. Conversely, in the absence of sufficient moisture, cigars tend to burn too quickly, with a nasty or bitter taste.

In extreme humidity, cigars tend to go out regularly during consumption and the taste can become acidic. Also, the risk of mold growth in the cigar increases by a factor of ten.


The optimal temperature for storing cigars is considered to be between 18 and 21°C.

If the temperature is too cool, cigars tend will deteriorate over time.

If the temperature is too high, tobacco parasites risk infecting the cigar, which can lead to gradual decomposition. It is for this reason that the humidor should be placed away from direct sunlight or any heat source.


Tobacco breathes and cigars are hungry for oxygen, so a cigar humidor should ideally be opened once every two weeks. In this way, the air is renewed.


Cigars should not be mixed together to prevent their taste from becoming tainted. A cigar humidor has dividers for separating cigars according to their brand. It is also possible to store them in their original cellophane wrappers to protect their flavour.

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