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Choose your cigar humidor effectively

3 parameters must be considered :

Capacity & Internal layout

There are many types of cigar humidor which will hold anything from a dozen cigars to more than three thousand! The first step in selecting a humidor is to assess your needs in terms of capacity.  The interior layout varies by model. It can be compartmentalised, divided into drawers, or be arranged with shelves.

Positioning & Volume

The place you have available to install your humidor is a crucial element in the selection process. Some are very compact and can be stored in a drawer, while other models are the size of a wardrobe. You should consider whether the humidor is to be exposed to sunlight to determine whether to choose a glass or an opaque lid.

Electronic regulation / Natural regulation

Electronic control, for the regulation of temperature, humidity, or both, allows very precise management of the cigar humidor. This feature is particularly useful if your cellar is large and used frequently.

Humidity control, when not electronic, is achieved with a humidifier. This system, which is no less effective, is better suited to small or medium sized models.

Temperature control is managed by placing the cigar humidor in a place where the ambient temperature meets the conditions of cigar preservation (it should not exceed 21 ° C). The hygrometer and thermometer can be set up inside the humidor to ensure that the storage conditions are maintained.

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