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Darkness is a key factor in wine ageing

It is critical that you age your wine away from any light. We distinguish between two types of light:


  • Direct sunlight: contains UV rays which alter the chemistry of wine and cause malolactic degradation. This deterioration inevitably leads to the release of carbon dioxide in the form of bubbles. It is the light that causes it to become "sparkling", which is undesirable in a red wine.


  • Indirect light: there are no UV rays but it remains no less harmful. It washes and destroys the wine. Red wines are the most susceptible, they become flat and lose their body and structure.


It is no coincidence that wines are still stored in smoked glass bottles.


Solid door models are those that best meet the needs for ageing wine. If you opt for a glass door, we recommend storing wines that are ageing in the bottom of the cabinet for maximum protection from the light.


The lack of light inside wine cabinets and the presence of a seal on the door ensures a complete protection from light so it does not affect your wine.

For wine cabinets used for storage or service, light is not a key consideration, since it does not degrade wines in the short term. Thus, glass doors are quite suitable for wine cabinets used for storage and service.

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