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My Wine Cabinet compare tool for wine cabinets

My Wine Cabinet has created for you a unique compare tool as it is specific for wine cabinets. It is thus possible to compare very easily all the wine cabinets according to their general features, equipments, type of regulation, technology and performance. More than 30 criteria are listed which will allow you to compare precisely your wine cabinets selection and then make the best choice according to your needs.

User instructions for wine cabinets compare tool :

In order to compare the wine cabinets, nothing could be more simple! You only need to tick the "Compare" box located under the wine cabinets' pictures on the homepage or in the categories, or tick the box located on the item card on the right side of the wine cabinet's brand logo.

You will also find these boxes in the results suggested by our wine cabinet compare tool.

Everytime you tick the box, a window will open at the bottom of the page, confirming that the wine cabinet has been well added into the compare tool :

Finally, in order to open the comparison chart, you only need to click on "Compare tool" at the bottom of the screen then, once the window "Compare items" is opened, click on "Wine Cabinet". The following chart will appear:

This chart will allow you:

  • to compare more than 30 criteria thanks to the vertical bar located on the right side if the chart
  • access directly to the item card of the wine cabinets
  • and add these wine cabinets to your basket

Please note that the compare tool enables you to compare 4 wine cabinets maximum at the same time, to make the reading easier.

It is possible to empty the compare tool by clicking on "Empty the Compare tool" on the upper left and remove a wine cabinet from the compare tool by clicking "Cancel" on the upper collumn of each wine cabinet. To close the compare tool, you only need to click on the cross located on the top left.


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