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WEEE eco-contribution & My Wine Cellar

What is WEEE eco-contribution?

This is an amount paid by consumers for the purchase of a wine cellar or a new appliance. retrieves these amounts and reverse a Eco-organization with a mission to support the recycling and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) (Including wine cellars) .

The WEEE recycling fee applies to electrical and electronic products since 2006 in France.

The amount depends on the wine cellar or product purchased. Each distributor or manufacturer adheres to an eco-organization and applies the amount of eco-participation thereof.

You can see the different amounts of eco-contribution on the following sites:

What is the amount paid for the purchase of a wine cellar?

The amount of the recycling fee collected by MY WINE CELLAR is used to finance and improve the collection, clearance and recycling old wine cellars.

Can we take your old wine cellars?

For wine cellars in France, MY WINE CELLAR is committed for many years to facilitate recycling by taking free your home wine cellar used during the delivery of your new appliance. For this you need to specify the order in step 3 "Shipping", the model of the wine cellar with her weight. Recovery is available for a wine cellar model equivalent to that of the control located in France.

These wine cellars are then turned over to eco-organizations, specializing in the treatment, recovery and disposal of WEEE.

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