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Financial leasing for professionals

Financial leasing: use without buying!

Financial leasing allows companies to rent a piece of equipment for business use. This payment method is only available for professionals or companies that were set up more than 2 years ago.

With financial leasing, My Wine Cabinet offers you a tailored solution, namely the option to rent the wine cabinet you need for a long period.

My Wine Cabinet works with a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole that specialised in sales financing.
You can benefit from immediate advantages.
My Wine Cabinet offers financial leasing because this approach fully meets the needs of today's professionals:

  • The financing covers 100% of your equipment
  • simple and quick solution: no need to go to your bank, no administrative costs and an answer provided within 2 hours!
  • The option to replace the equipment before the contract ends and thus take advantage of technological advances
  • Avoid advance VAT payments: spread equally over each rental throughout the entire contract
  • The benefit of investing by protecting your equity capital with no impact on your operational cash flow.
  • The rentals are fully tax deductible.

Financial leasing allows companies to acquire a piece of equipment while keeping control of their budget, their liquid assets and the replacement of their equipment.

A solution which is tailored to the needs of restaurants, hotels, wine bars, catering professionals, etc.

Serving wine at the right temperature is essential for a restaurant or a wine bar. A wine cabinet has to be perceived as a profitable investment.
By selling just a few bottles of wine per month, your investment becomes profitable! If you would like more details on your financial leasing calculation, please contact our experts either by phone +33 (0) or by email [email protected]

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