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Expert advices for your wine cabinets

You are looking for a wine cabinet for your house or apartment, but you don't know what type of cabinet to choose?


Our team of experts puts all its skills at your service to offer you the most complete range of wine cabinets from leading brands. According to your profile and needs, we will help you to choose the most suitable wine cabinet for you.


To begin with, it is important to know that a wine cabinet can be used for one or more purposes:


  •     keep
  •     age
  •     serve the wines.


It is therefore necessary to understand these different uses to acquire the cabinet that will best meet your needs.


To help you make the right choice, you will find below some explanations about the different types of wine cabinets and their use.

 Wine cabinet for ageing and storage

The purpose of wine ageing cabinet, as their name suggests, is to optimise the ageing conditions of wines over the long term in order to taste them at their peak.


All wines can be stored and aged at a temperature between 10° and 14°C.


Storage corresponds to short-term storage (< 5 years).


Ageing corresponds to the ageing of a wine over the long term (5, 10, 15, 20 years or more).

Wine service cabinet

Wine service means preparing wines for tasting by bringing them to their ideal temperature.


The wine serving cabinets have been designed to offer one or more temperature zones in order to prepare one or more types of wine for tasting.


These cabinets have been designed mainly for restaurants.

They are also ideal for the wine lover who wishes to have all his bottles at the same time at tasting temperature, whether it is a champagne, a white, a rosé or a red wine.

Multi-purpose wine cabinet

Multi-purpose wine cabinets are designed for wine lovers who wish to age or preserve their wines but also prepare white, rosé, red and/or champagne wines at serving temperature.


Multi-purpose cabinets therefore combine a conservation/ageing area for wines, with one or more service areas.


Thus they make it possible to preserve and age your wines, while permanently having a certain quantity of ready-to-drink bottles.

Modular and wine display

Modular wine cabinets make it possible to combine several distinct units linked by solid wood cladding. They have several advantages:


  •     Possibility to create a "wall" of wine cabinets whose dimensions fit perfectly into your room
  •     Possibility to combine modules dedicated to wines, with others dedicated to cheeses, delicatessen, chocolates, or fresh products
  •     Possibility of combining several wine cabinets for different uses to best suit your needs (e. g. combining wine storage cabinets with wine service cabinets)
  •     Possibility to combine several wine cabinets with different interior layouts (horizontal bottles, inclined bottles, vertical bottles)


Modular cabinets can be embedded in a wall (floor or raised), installed free-standing along a wall, or in an island position in the centre of a room.

The solid wood cladding can also be customized in terms of shape (straight, sober and modern finish, or curved finish for a baroque effect, similar to a painting) and colour (more than 220 colours to choose from).

5 reasons to choose My Wine Cabinet

  • The quality of advice and customer service.
  • The most extensive range of brands known for their performance and reliability.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty included, depending on models.
  • The opportunity to subscribe to extended warranties for 2 or 5 years.
  • A quality delivery service for your wine cabinet :
    • To your home, ECO, COMFORT or PREMIUM
    • Express 24/48 hours for smaller wine cabinets, Winebars etc...

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