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The key components of a cigar humidor

4 key components :


Spanish cedar is the most common material used for the lining of a cigar humidor. It protects against cigar tobacco parasites and helps maintain the stability of the environment inside the humidor. The wood's light fragrance fills the inside of the humidor which further contributes to the ageing of cigars.


The humidifier helps maintain the best humidity level, which is close to 70%, inside the humidor.


The hygrometer, whether made from a spring, or from natural hair or synthetic hair, allows you to check humidity is at the desired rate. It allows you to avoid drying or excessive humidification of your cigars. It is essential to check regularly to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The lid

The lid can be made ??of wood or glass. Both materials have similar properties. However, it is advisable to choose a wooden lid for long term conversation. Wood is opaque and so prevents discoloration of cigars that may be caused when the lid is made of glass. However, if the lid is opened frequently, it is advisable to choose glass. This allows you to select a cigar without having to open the humidor and reduce the time the humidor is open which will reduce humidity levels.


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