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Wine Cabinet capacity

What you should know:

The figures provided on our site regarding the capacity in number of bottles of a wine cabinet are for "Bordelaise Tradition" bottles, a standard 75cl bottle (the dimensions provided by the suppliers are: 300.5mm height and 76.4mm diameter - except for the 'La Sommeliere' brand  which uses the "Bordelaise Optima" bottle size of 274mm in height and 76.2mm in diameter).

You can easily recognize this type of bottle from its cylindrical shape, with a straight shoulder. The majority of wines sold worldwide are packaged in this format, which allows us to compare the different styles of wine cabinets more easily.

However, the capacity of a wine cabinet can vary for different reasons, namely:

- If your bottles are not of the format "Bordelaise Tradition – 75cl", it is likely that you will not be able to store as many bottles as expected.

- If the shelves allow for greater ease of storage and access to bottles, they will take up space, and therefore each shelf will decrease the total capacity of your wine cabinet

Why specify minimum and maximum capacity?

Minimum Capacity = represents a wine cabinet in which it is possible to put a maximum amount of shelves

Maximum capacity = represents a wine cabinet with a minimum of shelves (usually in storage shelves)

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