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    A 100% silent wine cabinet

    Dometic is the only brand on the market that offers products that are perfectly silent and produce no vibration. This last point is important for the ageing of wines, a process that requires the complete absence of any vibration.

    Dometic products are ideal for installing in a living room or a shared area.

    The advantages of Dometic :

    Absence de vibration Silence total


    Absorption technology :


    This original system requires very little maintenance, operates quietly and can be operated with a battery and gas (butane or propane - standard canister). There are no moving parts, the products have a longer lifetime and do not porduce any vibration.

    In addition, the absorption technology makes it possible to obtain a satisfactory cooling performance, even in summer. All portable refrigerators can produce ice even when the ambient temperature is 32 ° C.

    Why use the Dometic ventilation system ?


    The heat that builds up behind your refrigerator is an energy loss. We recommend using the Dometic ventilation system. It has two refrigeration air vents on the outside of the wine cabinet.

    Technically speaking, cold is defined by the absence of heat. Refrigerators release this heat in their rear.
    It must be removed to prevent it from accumulating and does not diminish the effectiveness of the refrigerator.

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